Definition of various gold identifiers April 13 2016

Do you wonder about gold? Ever look inside your ring with a magnifying glass and see codes that don’t make sense to you? Well, here are some facts about gold.

Pure gold is 24 karat (K)

Gold jewelry is made with a mixture of pure 24K gold and an alloy

9K gold may also be stamped 0.375 (37.5% pure gold)

10K gold may also be stamped 0.417 (41.7% pure gold)

14K gold may be stamped 0.583 (58.3% pure gold)

18K  gold may be stamped 0.750 (75% pure gold)

19.2K gold may be stamped 0.800 (80% pure gold)

To arrive at the percentages, you divide the karat by 24, for example 14K divided by 24K is 0.583, etc.

Alloys are added to pure gold to make the gold more firm (hard and durable) or to change the color to white or rose. White gold alloys include such metals as nickel, zinc, silver and copper is added to make the gold pink (rose gold). These alloys are added at varying percentages depending on the intensity of the color desired.

Typically jewelry made in America is made 10K and 14K; Ireland is 9K; Italy is 18K; Portugal is 19.2K; and Mexico is 8K.

Also, the symbol of an “A” inside a circle indicates that the gold is 10K.

Homemade jewelry cleaner January 15 2016

  • 2 parts ammonia
  • 3 parts liquid dish soap
  • 5 parts water

Great cleaner for gold, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite, and amytheyst. Preferably do not leave in overnight. One half to one hour soak is best. Do not use on silver, pearls, lapis, malachite, or costume jewelry.

Self-winding watches November 30 2015

Tip- Keep self-winding watches (such as Rolex) away from microwaves and magnets. The magnetic wave fields could damage the watch mechanism.

September birthstone - Sapphire September 01 2015

Sapphire is the gemstone of the corundum mineral, exquisite gem that comes in every color of the rainbow. The second hardest stone, yet the toughest, if you are a September baby, you can be proud to identify with sapphire

Care for gold and silver April 15 2015

Salt water, chlorinated-pool water, and hot-tub water is very corrosive to silver and gold jewelry. Alloys in the gold and silver can be broken down by the chemicals causing tarnish, pitting and weakening of jewelry.

Double-check your settings! November 18 2014

Over time prongs wear down and you are at risk for losing your stone(s). Prongs can be re-tipped securing your stone for many more years of wear. White gold setting also lose their luster and we can rhodium plate your ring at the same time making it look like new again!

The WAVE bracelet September 19 2014

Our most popular item! The wave bracelet suits the style for so many people. Whether you swim, row, paddle, sail, boat, or just enjoy sunsets across the water we are all drawn to the water for serenity. The wave bracelet gracefully embraces your love for the waters of our beautiful planet.

First Post February 25 2014

Welcome to Butterfly Beach Jewelers. We are very excited to open our storefront on the internet!